“What is well Measured is well Managed”


We provide professional construction estimating services to a diverse range of clients.

From labour only estimating services for single tradesmen, extensions, and loft conversions for building contractors to high value residential and commercial projects for main contractors.

We can provide an estimating solution to meet your requirements and for specialised work packages on high rise buildings and mix development projects.

We also assist our clients with labour rates and overhead appraisal where required. We ensure our estimate are competitive and profitable by using a specialised software with index linked prices.


Our construction estimating service is design on the principle “What is well Measured is well Managed” and we seek to cover the gaps in the market.

- Are your resources overstretched and in need short-term support?

- Are you tired of pricing tenders at mid-night?

- Are you unsure of work specifications or scope of work presented to you on a BOQ?

- Do you want to outsource some of your workload to a freelance QS due to inadequate office space?

- Or you are looking to present a tender document in a professional manner with detailed breakdown.


We provide the Following Services:

Construction Estimating Services

BOQ/ Schedule f works estimate

Material Take-off

Cost plan and Pricing

Budgets and feasibility Estimates

Tendering and tender analysis

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Our team will contact you shortly and we will provide you with an accurate price index Linked quote according to your scope of works. In order to get a quote, please provide the following Documents:

– Scale drawings in PDF format.

– All specification, schedule of works, bill of Quantities if applicable.

– Any Site photos if available

– Additional information or instructions to take consideration during pricing.

– The date the final quote is expected.


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